Bottega Veneta classic fake handbags for sale

Send a classic Bottega Veneta fakw handbags. Personally like this card, I hope more people know and like her.
One of the most classic package type is the first two paragraphs, usually these brand-name bags are not easily change the package type, but the dynamic material colors and small accessories.
The first section of the entire body with thin leather braid, without any stitching, simple and generous style, work shopping are very suitable.
The second paragraph is ideal for dinner, high appearance rate.

Classic Cabat handbag
Material: crocodile skin

Description: The first crocodile skin dyeing, cut into equal leather, and then multi-layered laminated, hand-woven. Cabat bag seamless, one-piece molding tradition, in the use of precious leather materials more to test the craftsman’s meticulous manual. After the formation of the bag by wax processing, leaving a dark mark between the pimples, especially the handle bag at the most obvious.

Bottega classic handbags
Classic Knot Clutch
Material: crocodile skin, sterling silver

Description: The popular Knot classic ladies clutch, the selection of crocodile from Africa, the leather surface after the first wax treatment, the wax is still part of the remnants left in the leather lines, highlighting the marble-like natural texture . Four-corner cover hand-woven braided sterling silver, extravagant filling.

Bottega classic handbags
Ladies Loop alligator leather shoulder bag
Material: crocodile skin

Description: Bottega Veneta classic style Loop ladies shoulder designer replica handbags, handbag color in the middle part of the lighter, gradually deepening to both sides, this distinctive gradient color effects, all caused by hand dyeing. Dazzling and elegant yellow to create a unique visual effects.

Bottega bag replica high quality classic handbags
Lady crocodile leather bag
Material: crocodile skin

Description: The same manpower staining, manufacturing bags gradually deepened from the middle of the color hierarchy. Serrated seam on both sides of the bag, need to use two crocodile skin spliced ‚Äč‚Äčtogether, taking into account the unique texture of crocodile skin, we must carefully select the symmetrical lines, uniform, flat and different skin, can be perfect mosaic, perfect.

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