CHLOE fake bag what is the grade?

We all know that the hands of most women in the workplace have a bag, and after a day of carefully selected bags is the finishing touch, it will be able to decorate you into a real female white-collar workers. This recent burst of red Chloe bag seems to occupy the majority of the way the market looks like bags. That chloe fake handbags belongs to what grade it? Let’s unlock the secret!
We all know that the hands of most women in the workplace have a bag, and after a day of carefully selected bags is the finishing touch, it will be able to decorate you into a real female white-collar workers. This recent burst of red Chloe bag seems to occupy the majority of the way the market looks like bags. That chloe bag belongs to what grade it? Let’s unlock the secret!
Chloe Kou should be considered a first-line brand, grade in the. Of course, how to say it, Chloe bag is also in the grade it! Chloe’s bags are popular with girls, the reason is that fake Chloe bag can perfectly grasp the fashion trends, the perfect integration into their own design. Chloe home since the quality of the bag Needless to say, it is not an exaggeration to say that it really is what each style it must each burst! Take the spring and summer 2017 series flagship Nile handbags, is simply a continuation of the hot Ring element, elegant fashion.

When is the Chloe bag coming out?

In the late 1960s, Karl Lagerfeld in charge of CHLOE .He retained the beautiful shape, simple decoration and other characteristics, based on the popular concept of diversification was absorbed, such as drawing on the passionate gypsy ethnic clothing features distinctive printed with bright Pattern of the shirt roll; in the ordinary coat and shawl with bright ring stickers and so on. In 2002, ChloƩ introduced bags, small leather goods and footwear series. Paddington bags become the first representative series.

Chloe Kou faye strap wallet

Material and Technology: classic tobacco Faye wallet, followed by the same series of handbag unique design aesthetics. The luxurious texture of a smooth calfskin and suede calfskin contrasts with Faye’s iconic metal rings and metal chains to create the elegant, chloĆ© look with a high level of detail. Works with a sophisticated beige suede lining and adjustable straps. This Faye wallet can be worn or slung.

Chloe Kou milo shopping bag

Small grain lambskin, smooth calfskin and suede calfskin Materials and Crafts: The Spring 2017 collection features the Milo handbag, an extremely functional and everyday shopping bag in a playful, playful style. Semi-zipper decorated with spiral leather tassels, revealing the contrast suede then the crotch, show gorgeous texture and decorative details. Cool stitching blue suede leather and glossy calfskin, dynamic contrast against the contrasting colors. Curved lines give feminine soft charm, shoulder strap attached zipper and small rivets and other bright shiny metal parts.

After enjoying the taste of the Chloe bag, everyone must have fallen under the skirt of the Chloe bag. At this time, we can already solve the problem of what grade chloe bag this problem solved. The so-called street recalled, thanks to a chloe bag!


GIVENCHY fake what’s worth buying, four big bag literacy

Givenchy’s main colors are black, their bags give a person a kind of business that fit in your hand will give people a feeling of, today let’s meet givenchy four of your bag.

The nightingale bag

Year of birth: 2006

Nightingale bag is is one of the few go toward a bag, the whole is more soft, although not particularly crisp, but the bag also can also maintain good, more can hold things, very practical a bag.

After it was introduced in 2006, it received more and more attention, and the 10th anniversary came out with a commemorative edition.

On the left is the original version of 2006, with two vertical lines dividing the bag into four parts, with a givenchy LOGO on the handle and a zippered protective bag outside. The new version on the right cancels all of these, and it’s more neat and neat. The new edition also has some designs on the belt, feeling more avant-garde.

The calf should be the largest, with a small skin and a rare alligator skin. Since this swiss fake handbags sale is more casual, most people will choose to wear it. In addition to the most serious black, there are a lot of color patterns, and there are some leopard print, too.


Year of birth: 2009


Year of birth: 2013

Givenchy in 2009 launched the first soft leather bag Pandora, then in 2013 launched the stress profile type beauty hardfaced leather bag Pandora Box, this series of handbags inspired by Greek myth story is the Pandora’s Box, a symbol of desire and mystery.

The basic shape of Pandora Box is very similar to the previous one. The hard surface cortex and the circular base form the shape of the droplet shape, which is more spatial and three-dimensional than the previous soft surface, and the upper body is also more handsome.


Year of birth: 2010

The biggest characteristic of Antigona is that it’s a bit too! Good! Take! And its shape is very special, especially recognizable.

Antigona handbags series of inspiration is the heroine Antigona in Greek mythology, the name represent the indomitable spirit, so this package also represents the independent spirit of the modern woman, really quite touched. First of all, the bag continues the style of classic Boston luxury fake bag. The Mosaic of various shapes is especially strong, with sharp corners and clean lines. It shows a kind of beautiful and soft impact.

Different angles of the past have different geometric shapes, to give people fresh sense.

Antigona handbag is made of the original top of the cow leather, later in the series of the skin, shiny skin, leopard print and other different materials, let a person shine.


Year of birth: 2016

Givenchy fake handbags have a low-key costly, and before a few bags, Horizon is very space stereo feeling, the contour is very simple, looks handsome and sedate, another bag with a wide belt, are recognizable, there is also a broad sense, and handbags name fits, calling for better tomorrow full of hope. This is a bag that is not only beautiful but also positive energy.

The leather used for the Horizon cheap fake handbag shop online needs to be carefully selected and complicated to process the leather. Each part go through precise cutting and measurement to ensure a consistent thickness and the edge of each parts are made by craftsman handiwork repeatedly four edge coloring and oil, fit in order to achieve perfect effect. In addition to the basic leather, there is also a suitable for autumn and winter suede, with a higher sense of alligator skin.